Water is the most essential element in any landscape creation. An irrigation system will keep your landscape looking great through the summer. BlueGrass Landscape designs functional irrigation systems that meet the specific areas of every landscape layout. We have the ability to balance the water distribution equally to turf areas and landscape beds.

All Brands

BlueGrass Landscape installs all makes of irrigation systems. From Hunter, to Rainbird, to Toro, we can professionally install your next irrigation system. BlueGrass does install the Hunter brand the most due to its ease of controller operation.

Irrigation Service

As well as installing irrigation systems, we service and maintain all brands. Proper care and inspection will increase the longevity of your system. We have programs that include a spring start up, mid-season check, and winterization.

Rain Harvesting

A growing trend in landscape is being green. One way BlueGrass is working towards a reusable lifestyle is through rain harvesting. New advances are gearing towards holding rain water and having access to reuse that water for gardening or cleaning. It is a new avenue for BlueGrass and we continue to implement and learn every day.